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The Awakening: False Light in the "Truther" Movement

A Word from the Lord:

Beloved, do not call conspiracy all that this people call conspiracy, for there is a much deeper enemy at the gate and his restraints have been removed by my Father's sovereign hand of justice.

Many like to point their fingers at those in power, failing to remember that it is I on the throne, fashioning them as instruments for my judgments against those who think themselves to be wise. All those who do not love the truth of my word are blind, though they call themselves awakened. I am the Word. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father except through me.

They whistleblow enemies, but they not know that they are my enemy, for all those who love the world are at enmity with me.

Beware the "awakening". It is an angel of light from hell that will seduce those with compassion that comes from the flesh and not from the wisdom of my Spirit.

Many talk of the beast and fail to remember there is more than one. The second beast will rise to devour the first beast, and in comparison, it will not look like a beast at all, but rather, a jubilee.

The false prophet will rise from the earth to deceive all those who have ignored my prophets and messengers into worshiping the beast from the sea. They are ignoring my mercy and my word and are trampling the son of God underfoot.

Counterfeit unity will be its horns. healing and power will be its jaws. It will have fangs of restitution, and forgiveness of debt will be it's claws. Its evangelistic efforts will be the pride and relief of all who do not follow me.

Woe to them who call good evil and evil good. Woe to those who trust in man. The curse of my wrath remains on this world. I came not to condemn the world but to save it. Repent now, and I will remove the curse of sin, the wages of which is death, off you and give you eternal life. Those who are forgiven are washed clean in my blood, but those who choose this world and the lusts of their flesh shall never enter my rest. My anguish at those who are choosing eternal torment is great, beloved. Tell my people to tarry with me in prayer before my Father for the lost and to snatch others from the fire by proclaiming my finished work on the cross and the power of my resurrection that removes the power of sin off of all who believe in me.

Those who marvel at the schemes of the wicked have not experienced the wrath of my Father nor the anger of a lover scorned.

The Lion of Judah


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