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What My Son Prophesied

Updated: Sep 27

My daughter my daughter,

Write these words:

If I were not to shorten the days to come, no flesh would survive. Hear me oh my people. Harken after my voice. For the dark is not dark to me, but the night is as bright as day. Stay close to me and I will lead you. I am the good shepherd.

(I see an Army of saints in white linen, illuminating the darkness. Everything around them is blacker than night and nothing can be seen, except their light.)

Do not listen to the fear that is about to be unleashed from the pits of hell. It is a false prophet that will deceive many into worshiping the beast system. Fear me and I will protect you. Fear me with your obedience and I will cover you. For it is both my rod and my staff that will comfort you.

The tribulation has begun. The pressure and warfare that my body has been going through has been training for what is about to manifest in the physical. I am pleased with my elect. You are strong and I have chosen you to do great exploits in my name and to carry the glory of my hope to the lost in the time ahead. All that is done in darkness will be brought into the light for reckoning. Likewise, those who seek me in the secret place will be rewarded, openly.

Do not forsake assembling with one another as many will, out of fear and reverence to strange gods. Where two or more gather in my name, I will be in your midst. Ask and it shall be given to you. My kingdom is at your disposal.

The King of Kings

(Scripture read at the end of video message)

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