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Vax Regret? What to Do Right Now

Updated: May 25

Our obligation to tell the truth in love is not contingent upon the response of others. It is to be sent and leave the rest to the Sender. We have to be obedient to convey God's warning, never losing sight that it is an extension of his mercy. Mercy. It is His Mercy that is imploring people to repent. It is Mercy that is calling the church out from lukewarmness to take up her cross as a holy and set apart people. It is Mercy that healed the woman with the 12-year issue of blood in the Bible and it is Mercy that calls all who have taken the "solution" to likewise push through the multitudes and get to Jesus for healing and ready forgiveness.

A watchman's job is not to accuse or condemn but to save, reconcile and restore. And, to stand in the gap for people, by interceding in prayer. There is more than one way to defile our temple. This jab, that is intentionally causing death and illness in men women and babies in utero is of a particular grievance to the Lord. I've written other messages on my blog, warning about the physical and spiritual consequences of this.

Pride is blocking the spiritual ear of many Christians from hearing the protective voice of the Lord. Those who are walking in pride, sin, compromise and unbelief will miss out on what Jesus Christ is saying and doing and will find appealing and acceptable, these deceptions and ones to come.

Much like Josiah in the Bible, many Christians are disbelieving the prophetic word of the Lord because it sounds incredulous to their own understanding or because it is coming from a source that they don't think it should or would be coming from. We can be like King Josiah, who died as a consequence of dismissing the prophetic word of the Lord. Obediently test all things against the word of God and hold fast to what is good. (1 Thess 5:21) Take it to him in prayer. His heart is to protect us.

This jab is dangerous for reasons that I share in other posts. When we walk in humility, with an understanding that we can't walk a single step without holding God's hand, he shows us the way.

Repent at my rebuke and I will make my thoughts known to you. Proverbs 1: 23

Pestilence is God's megaphone to repent. No repentance, no mercy -- no back to normal.

This is not a vaccine. It's an injection with purposes to depopulate and control, according to the United Nations Agenda 2030. If we missed it on this, this is a wake-up call, that we have to choose between the world and Jesus Christ. Even if we are excommunicated from the world, if we do not take this abomination or others to come.

Please respond to his conviction today if you have defiled your temple with this dna-modifying poison, or are living in sin. If you have placed your trust in Jesus, you are sealed and saved. True faith means that the actions and the fruit of your life, including your desire for holiness and distain for sin/worldliness, will begin to reflect the heart of The Word above previously held opinions and desires. You will not look like the world. That is the promised work of the Holy Spirit, when we receive Him through faith, by believing in the blood atonement of Jesus.

Conviction and chastening is a gift of the Holy Spirit and evidence of his presence! God wants us to have a pure heart and a pure faith and an undivided love for him, so that we can do exploits in his name. Because, as I said in a recent post, something is coming.

If I have not made it clear enough, let me make it crystal clear now that there is HOPE for you in Christ Jesus. Many are are sick from this so - called vax with myocarditis, paralysis and nervous system issues. Many are developing tumors, testing positive for HIV and other autoimmune conditions. Cancer. Mysterious symptoms.

Cast aside pride or hopeless condemners and go to Jesus. Talk to him about this. Ask him for the truth. Study his word. He promises that those who love the Truth will not be given over to deception. He also promises the inverse.

Get into his hands. They're good. They were pierced for you.

Sources on what this vax is doing:

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