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Feeling pressure before the gaze of man is a clue that rejection wounds are humming undercover and need to be gathered at the cross for healing.

Mothers are a powerful witness to their daughters. By example, women can either reinforce or uproot the lies that the enemy sows into girls' hearts, through what culture celebrates.

She watches her mama. Learns from her.

Her heart asks, am I beautiful? Am I enough to be loved, just as I am?

Our creator, so sweetly, takes off the heavy yoke of striving for worldly approval and fleshly admiration and sets us free. Remaining in his love is deliverance.

I wrote this poem, as a daughter, to all daughters, from the perspective of the loving Father, who answers her.

Your heart, dear love

is for my throne

But, pride has told you

that you are your own

Lustful eyes bid truth to depart

Insecure lies and conformity starts

Mutilating attempts to repair and conceal

The things that I gave you, of me, to reveal

Broken hearts

buy false parts

and, to sin, sow

Dear child of mine,

why have you changed

my clothes?

You lay under the knife

and ditch the sword of my Word

Is it a wonder my love

in your heart is not heard?

I made you in my image

– one worth celebrating

Dissatisfaction is not only

self, but God-hating

My daughter, I love you

but your body's a gate

for falsehood or beauty

the holy or profane

My Son crucified

the world’s vain appraisal

that disturbs my peace

with a holy upheaval!

You have painted a shell

that has kept me out

Make me your refuge

and I’ll put to death, doubt!

You're beautiful, seen

You're loved and you're known

Adorn yourself with truth

No more mask, no more show

Leave my artwork to me

Let age shine as a crown

Receive the light of my beauty

Put vanity down


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