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Kingdom Eyes

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

With kingdom eyes

all fear and lies

flee from east to west

so cast all blame

upon the cross

and enter into rest

Look deeper still

Golgotha's hill

a step and not a test

With kingdom eyes

behold the prize

that sets free the oppressed

Oh deepest pain

the crown of shame

the sin that is despised

a speck of dust in Christ

So child lift up your eyes

The Father's love

the son, the dove

can turn it into gold

redeem the time

turn it to wine

just like the days of old

Confess your sin

and be in Him

there's nothing that's too bad

The deepest shame

the darkest pain

the sweeter grace is had

Read the word

and make it heard

and leave your past for dead

turn from sin

the Father's grin

will shine upon your head

The cross of Christ

the spring

the life

makes rights of every wrong

To Jesus run

The Father's son

turns shadows into song


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