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Removing "Leavened" Burdens: The Heart of Passover

Updated: Apr 14

Below are the messages received for month of Abib, when God delivered his people from the bondage of Egypt. The theme is deliverance for today, from the leaven of the Pharisees and other sin or sorcery -- especially the harlot church. Christ is our unleavened, bread of life, broken in love, that we may be made whole with our Maker and Father. The only God - the God is Israel, YHVH.

Recommending that you listen to all of these would defeat the purpose of unhindering the brethren! The spirit behind these messages and prayers is freedom, deliverance and rest in Christ. Guard it, carefully.

For those who remember or observe Passover, Happy Pesach! May we all feast on the righteousness of the perfect, spotless Lamb and rest in unity, in his finished work.

Be unburdened, at the gate of Yeshua Hamashiach, through his blood shed for your sins. His commandments are not burdensome, but life unto us and others. Christ's blood is our shield and rampart, and he ever faithful. All glory to the Messiah who saves.


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