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He Has Named and Gifted You

Updated: Apr 5

The sword is the word of God. When we believe in Jesus, we believe his Word. That also means, that we believe who he says that we are.

Identity is better than strategy when it comes to spiritual warfare and authority. Anointing comes from one's identity as chosen by God. Strategy can be fruitful, only after the anointing of identity is established. Otherwise it's just all effort and no anointing.

Satan doesn't fear what we do, as much as who we are. That's why he works so hard to make sure that we don't realize the power and dominion that's been given to us, through the blood of the Lamb. The adversary wants us to believe that we earn and deserve, so that we are too busy to spend time feasting on the Savior's love, discovering that we already have all of Him.

If we write off coincidences, because of the sin of doubt, we miss much of the sovereign Lord's communication with us.

Glory to Yahweh, I am moved to tears by this unexpected package in the mail from my husbands (lol) while struggling against the accuser, due to sharing this message. (A new set of gardening tools and with the number 300, meaning "dawn" and "builder.") This is for all of the devoted army of the Lion of Judah.

The barley harvest (the first fruits harvest / the symbolic "144,000") brings in the wheat harvest of repentance unto salvation, through the spirits or mantles of the two witnesses (Moses and Elijah, according to biblical prophecy and the transfiguration). Just as the disciples went "two by two" in the gospel books (as two witnesses are requires to establish a matter) this group will go forth, until the appointed time of martyrdom, to warn if the soon return of the Lord and the wrath to come. The world will celebrate this, until, the group is resurrected, three days later, and caught up to heaven. Martyr means "witness".

Training has been hard and rigorous. Last night, we started my rock polisher and I fell into such an unexpected and blissful nap as I listened to it, sloshing around the waves and grit -- a mini freshwater ocean. Inside, the beautiful stones that I rescued from the salt-water tide, are rhythmically polished to reflect the light. Chosen beauties, tossed about in a cozy, metal womb, becoming even more beautiful.

You are not alone, in the tumult.

The Word that the Lord had me meditate on when he was bringing me into the authority of identity of faith was the genealogy in the first chapters of 1 Chronicles. I'm still learning. On a separate occasion, he informed me that I was in the tribe of Manasseh (Judah), a tribe of singing and dancing warriors. It made sense, but was still hard to believe, in the midst of where God had placed me. Because of the spirit of mockery, in those around me, I had carried shame about the light the Lord called me to shine in a world that finds it weird, foolish, and annoying. That helped me to shed the heavy garments of others' opinions, feelings and expectations. (Information on other tribes, linked at the bottom.)

The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. YHWH "makes my feet like the feet of a deer, and enables me to tread on the heights (Hab 3)."

Hear this, watchmen of the Lord, his holy remnant army, who hear his voice ,calling them by name, to sing the song of Moses, which is the song of the Lamb. (Rev. 15)

You are living stones, New Jerusalem of Old, the Third Temple and the city on a hill. Zion, your God reigns! His precision, with you, regarding the "144,000" (144 cubits/12 x 12 tribes) is exact.

144 in strong's concordance simply means to perceive, discern, understand and measure.

Yahushua Hamashiach, Jesus Christ, is the perfect, holy Lamb of God, and the 144,000 are those who follow him where we he goes. (Rev. 14) This group is chosen by God to judge and rule and snatch souls from the fire of hell, through submission and obedience to him. Because God loves the world and the compromised church, he sends them forth in the power of his blood to save and deliver them from the imminent wrath of God for sin and rejection of Him.

The freemasons, whom satan rules the world system through, worship "God" as "divine architect of the universe" (Lucifer). Doctrines of demons and abominations fill the harlot, Babylonian church.

But the stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone! (Matthew 21:42)

Be a sharp one.

Further reading on Spiritual Israel and the 144,000, linked below. These writers align closely with what the Lord has revealed to me in the secret place with Him, though a few details are speculative and remain mysterious. Pray for discernment and search the Bible for confirmation. I've found this group in chapters of Ezekiel, Zechariah, Revelation, Daniel and Joel.

The Holy Spirit is the best teacher.

All glory to the King.

He comes quickly.

Spiritual Israel:



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