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One Nation Under Ra

Please listen to the message below, or read the transcript, just underneath. The audio/video is a little more thorough. Thank you.

An indictment from the throne room of the Lord, YHVH:

Washington DC, the light of Lucifer is bright in your midst. You erect idols, statues and temples that blaspheme the Most High.

(I see, in the Spirit, lightning striking the obelisk outside, by the white house.)

You have been a den of iniquity from the beginning. Because of your rejection of my Word, the bread of life, that I gave you, that you may build your house on me, you have chosen to build your house on sand. Because my light has come to expose falsehood, and you have forsaken Me, my judgment will be greater for you.

Share the revelation I gave you in Namibia.

I went on a mission trip to help those in poverty, only to discover that the poverty of North America is worse, in a different way. To discover the spiritual poverty of my own heart, opened my eyes to the blinding curse of materialism and consumerism.

Yes. The spirit of covetousness and poverty are one and the same. I delight in giving good things, but be aware of the spirit that is at work to twist gifts into idolatry, sin and bondage. It has no power over those who abide in Me and my Kingdom, which is not of this world.

Tell my sheep, that in order to pick up my gifts, one must put down all that is perishing and wait on me. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Come and receive from me, freely, and drink the water of life and you will never thirst again.

Please read Ephesians 1:

God bless you, in Jesus' mighty name. Glory to the Lamb on high. Holy! Holy! Holy! Amein.


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