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Warning for Californication

Californication, a “Hot Fiery Furnace”

California, you are the basecamp for the cause of my little ones to stumble. It will be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and be thrown into the sea.

My hand will do this. For you have opened the mouth of hell to vomit filth and perversity across the nation and the stench of your sin has infected those abroad. You have broadcast noxious weeds with seeds that will give birth to death, as it becomes full grown. Your harvest will be rotten, for the corruption of immorality that you are propagating.

Repent now.

Repent and believe in my Son for the salvation of your soul, for the reapers are standing by, awaiting my Word to plunge you into the sea of your iniquity, where I bury all that is profane.

Rejoice, as you weep and wail. Tremble, oh people! Remove your assessments and expectations of my judgment and repent.

Because you have not washed yourselves in the blood of the Lamb, who was crucified and risen from the dead to forgive your sins and deliver you from the bondage of lies, I will purge you as a blemish with water and fire.

There is no delight in rejoicing that the hand of the Lord, YHWH, has done this.

Rejoice, for I AM Love and I AM Justice.

Isaiah 32:

*See definition of broadcasting

*See definition of California


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