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The Sifting

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Some are going through disillusionment, regarding fellowship. Matthew, in chapter 13, talks about wheat and tares in the church:

Evidence of a corrupted gospel seed is in the increase of lawlessness in the world and in worldliness in the church.

Culture's mantras and persecution are, and will be, intended by God as sifting. It's important to assess through scripture what gospel seed has been planted in us. Pure or corrupted?

Wheat and tares look the same, but wheat eventually produces a harvest of life that glorifies Jesus alone. Tares glorify the world, culture and satisfy the flesh. Tares produce death when they ripen, at harvest.

What's God doing on the threshing floor? According to Matthew 13, he's bundling wheat for his kingdom. And, he is bundling tares for burning.

Disciples who read and obey God's word and are surrendered to following him at all costs are far from perfect. But, by God's grace alone, are wheat that the Lord will harvest for is kingdom come.

The hearts of wheat will enthrone Jesus at every turn of affection. The Holy Spirit inhabits us with faith in Jesus. He quickens us with conviction and passion that is Jesus-exalting.

Tares are legalists. And, those who claim Jesus only when it's beneficial to them. Tares use Jesus' name as life insurance while striving for social dignity and befriending the world -- where God is only love and no wrath.

Tare or wheat? World or Heaven? We can orbit the world and self -- or we can orbit Christ. We can't orbit two places.

Life for those in the world is a gradual dying. But those who have surrendered to Jesus are being born, in all its mess and beauty, pain and glory. Praise Jesus for reversing the process, from death and decay to new life and birth, for those who come to the cross!

Salvation isn't a prayer we say during an emotional moment or a sales pitch. Salvation is a genuine change of mind (repentance) and transforms one's life, heart, behaviors, affections and desires. It's an ongoing, revolutionary river of life that flows in us and through us because we are actively trusting in Jesus.

Remember, wheat and tares look the same. But, the difference is as vast as heaven and hell.

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