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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Writing is worthwhile

because it creates a room

in which to think in peace --

A haven among the noise

outside and within


Words create walls and

words tear down walls

but spelling is no magic

The pen isn't so much a wand

as it is a scoop, or a net

or a wrangler of the air that herds

wild and nebulous ideas

and also collects obvious things

off of the floor, like an old sheep

dog with his nose, that can no

longer be bothered by the

haste of things ⠀


Writing is gathering the matter

of life and lovingly sifting it

through the sieve of a pen

The enchantment of love

The rusted patina on the

curve of an old copper pot

The sharp edge of loss

A conversation from yesterday

The last electrical twitch of a

dead fly on the windowsill

Each are handled with the same

preciousness, as if the chestnut

gloss of a flyaway hair over the

scowl of a grocery store

clerk is of equal gravity

to the meaning of life


Crowded is the heart

and full is the eye

that commits writing


The sifting, and settling, allowing the smallest

loosest bits to slip through the pan

of the page, watching intently

and other times idly

panning, panning

not for gold but

for what




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