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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

There are corpses in the body

dead bones not brought to life

the stench of which we recognize

as discord, fear and strife

In Christ we are one spirit

unified in battle, hearing

in what some think love

a covert hiss and rattle

In the meadow lies a snake

that mighty God conceals

from those who trust in their own take

but to sheep on knees, reveals

The mind of Christ is given

to those who give up theirs

and not before we understand

that He knows wheat from tares

In his own assumption

Peter reasoned Christ,

questioning the Author

-- how can a cross give life?

The pride of our own thinking

boasts in carnal wisdom

Can you smell the stench of incense

that cannot reach the kingdom?

How docile we've become

Our logic so mistaken

We cannot hear when Christ is saying,

"Get behind me, Satan"

We cannot serve two masters

Or sanctify our flesh

God's thoughts are not made ours

until we put it straight to death

His higher ways are better

though we think we know what's good

Put upon his alter and letter

fallen minds on which we stood

Amos 4:10 Jeremiah 9:23, Jeremiah 7, Proverbs 1:23, Isaiah 55:8-9, Romans 8, Matthew 10:37, James 4, Luke 9

Let's examine these scriptures and pray that we untether ourselves from worldly comfort and our own understanding with the sword of the spirit.

"Decide now. A time must come -- if it hasn't already-- when we must decide whom we are going to displease Christ or this generation" - Greg Morse


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