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A Prayer for Victims and Expectant Mothers

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

A daily prayer to print and use in the month of June, through the Roe v Wade Supreme Court Process (and, always.)

Thank you, Lord, for equipping your church with weapons that are not carnal, but mighty through you. We use these weapons to appeal to your compassion on behalf of babies and their mothers. And we appeal to your mercy on behalf of the hearts of all those who would support, assist in or be silent about the abortion industry. We will not be silent, Lord. We know your anguish and your heartbreak. And we tarry with you.

Lord, the hour is dark. Chants for death are rising in our nation at the possible overturning of Roe v Wade. Draw us into your heart regarding the genocide of your little ones. Pour out your spirit in the secret place of prayer, so that we can feel as you feel, and act as you act, and speak as you speak. Peel your people away from the social causes that the world calls righteous and unify us with your cause, Lord. Help us to understand how important this is to you and enable us to be fervent in prayer.

The battle is yours, Lord. We pray, as your church, that we will pick up our swords and shields and get behind you. Help us to faithfully incline our ears to you daily, so that we can keep in lockstep with you. Convict hearts to rise up with the proclamation of your Word that gives life, and with prayer that breaks down principalities and strongholds.

Forgive us for our neglect, as in the garden of Gethsemane, before the hour of the cross when you were alone. We stand by your side, now, and weep your tears of agony over the spilled blood of your children. Remove the veil of sleep from our eyes and help us to rise up and fight ferociously like the Lion of Judah for righteousness. You, Lord, are undefeated. You came to swallow death up in victory. (2 Cor. 15)

Move upon the church with your spirit to swallow up the death and bloodshed of Roe v Wade and use this debate to restrain the hatred of your wee ones that you made in your precious image. We have no power without you. Help us to stir one another up to love and obedience, so that we will fast, pray and take back this ground.

Protect those who are out in the political field, working hard to overturn this with their blood, sweat and tears. Give strength to souls who are weary of being spat on and harassed outside of Planned Parenthood. Bless them and their families, Lord. Show them that you see them.

As we give a voice to the voiceless, may it put a stumbling block before women and a sharp pebble in the shoe of anyone considering committing abortion. Dispel all of the propagated and thin delusions regarding what abortion is. Let all be confronted with the reality of murder. The murder of your children, that you knit with your tender hand and named at the foundation of time.

Move upon hardened hearts with conviction so that people will respond with softness and repentance and not vitriol.

Thank you, God, that your conviction is an invitation that offers us life and liberty and abundance. May the cry of your people be enough to cause others to consider the reality of their Maker and the accountability we will one day face before your throne. Use this time to awaken your church to missional urgency so that we will evangelize the nations. Open ears to hear your cry, so that those who have forsaken you will run into the loving arms of repentance, away from death and hell, and unto salvation and eternal life.

We pray that you will use this tense time to awaken people as to why this issue of abortion - of life - matters and that women and their partners who are considering committing this will walk away – and into your arms. Into your life-giving word and into forgiveness.

Raise up men to speak boldly for the unborn. I pray that men will valiantly defend children and not be flippantly rendered as a meaningless, patriarchal opinion. Remove the yoke that feminism has put on men in order to diminish them, their voice, and their calling to lead families and to lead our nation in what is right.

Lord, your created order is life giving and wise. We pray for its revival in our nation. We pray that nations will repent at the rebuke of your judgments -- your rebuke of pandemics, natural disasters, impending famine and war. Let us not plug our ears and continue to put our trust in man, so that we don't see them for what they are -- your megaphone. Your recompense. Let us not respond with our own clever devices to escape and mock your judgments. Let us respond with repentant and contrite hearts so that you will have mercy and heal our land.

Father, we pray that you will open eyes to see the hypocrisy of the rhetoric of the pro-abortion stance. Move upon hearts and minds and bind demonic influence so that people will set aside emotions and be able to see clearly.

We ask that your voice, through the church, will be resounding. And that more women will choose life after this month. And not just choose life now, but that they will choose life for eternity through faith in your son, Jesus, who offers forgiveness. And not just for abortion, but for all sin we've committed. For we all have sinned and fall short of your glory. (Romans 3:23)

Do not allow your people to be intimidated or provoked by liberal hysteria. Help us to respond with truth in love and mercy. May your word be heard as a call to come to you for mercy. You are so good to promise to uphold those who do rightly. Thank you Lord, that those who fear you will lack for nothing.

Show our nation your character. Your goodness. Your justice. Send help to pregnant mothers in a state of crisis and glorify your name in lives, individually. Show us exactly how and where we can come alongside those who are afraid to choose life. Thank you for all of the families awaiting the adoption of your children. Move your hand to orchestrate connections.

We have wiped the tears of too many women and men who are hurting because of a past abortion of their child, and so we lift them up to you and ask that the shame and the guilt that they are carrying will no longer keep them from coming to you for forgiveness and restoration. We pray that they will not be shamed into silence and that you will do with their regret what you do best -- bring life and redemption from what was lost and broken. And not just in their own lives, but in the lives of others.

We have committed great atrocities against you, God. Thank you for offering us a way back to you through Jesus! Grant all who hear your word, faith in the truth -- faith in your son, and raise up sons and daughters of righteousness who will proclaim him as The Way, the Truth and the Life. (John 14:6) Let no soul delay coming into your perfect rest.

Glorify your name in this country, Father.

In Jesus' name,


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