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Preaching Rebellion: A Nation That Trusts in Lies

Hear the Word of the Lord, YHVH, Jesus Christ, the Holy Lamb of the God of Israel and the Messiah of the world:

Listen not to ear - tickling prophets, feeding prophecy junkies from the hand of the hand of perdition.

Spend no time in the courtroom. I am your defender, advocate and the righteous judge of all.

I am the spirit of prophecy. Not the faucet of backwater that so many guzzle until they can no longer see straight.

False prophets and teachers are rising to deceive even the elect if possible. The spirit of the false prophet is retaliating against my true messengers by declaring peace, when there is none. Do you think I have come to declare peace? Nay, but rather a sword. I will divide households and those you least expect will betray you, carried away by the wicked desires of their hearts.

My people will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and by not loving their lives unto death. Who has the blood of the Lamb? Who is testifying about me? Who hates their life, that they may gain my kingdom?

Please see Jeremiah 28:

The appointed time has come for the fulfillment of all things. Purify yourselves, you double - minded. Set aside every weight. Strive to the enter the narrow gate of trust in my Son, for many try, but few enter, because they will not forsake the world and themselves to follow me. Those who love their lives will lose them and those who lose their lives for my sake surely find them and inherit the crown of life. My kingdom is not of this world. It cannot be seen with the eyes with what is perishing. Only what is eternal will remain. Only what is of me, will last.

Consecrate yourselves to the quiet. I will clarify my will, and lead you.

2:37 am: "Departure" (Strongs 237)

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