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Hold the Line

Hear the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Spirit of prophecy:

The day is coming, soon, when I will

permit the accuser to silence my people.

Many of my people will be silenced, as part of my plan to harden unrepentant hearts, so that they may no longer turn and serve me. Some will be taken. Others left.

The deception surrounding these days is thick, as it is written in my word, that it would be. Pride has convinced many in the church believe that they will not be swept up in the deceptions. However, deception does not come around waving a red flag to announce itself. It is slow, like a frog in a boiling pot of water. Many are watching for last days deception. They lack understanding, because many were born into the very deception that they are watching and waiting for. It has been the last days since my new testament church. Inherited deception has kept many from me, as doctrines of demons are well refined. The principalities over these delusions watch, aim and cultivate deception as a full time job, at all moments without sleep, since the fall of man. There is no humility in those who do not obey my instruction to pray without ceasing and to work out their salvation with fear and trembling. The strong delusion, is far are older than you.

The famine for my Word will bring hungry lost sheep to me and me, alone. During this time, I will restore my church to her early ministry and first works. (See Matthew 10.) Two by two, you will witness throughout the earth. Two by two, you will lead the lost sheep of the house of Israel to my salvation. Two by two, you will measure the walls of the city. My bride, the New Jerusalem. You are a city on a hill. You will be dressed in the dazzling splendor of your witness. (I see blood and then the bride, pure, white and shining like the brightness of the firmament, with pure joy.)

When you are soon censored, rejoice! For all of your labor has gone into the construction of the walls of the city, with its foundation of precious stones. Living stones. The rock that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. And a rock of offense to those who are perishing. Abide in me, and partake of the feast that I have prepared for you. My kingdom is not this world. If you were of this world, the world would love you as it's own. But I have called you out of this world to be a set apart, holy people who walk in the fullness of my stature.

(Vision of mountain dazzling in majesty and splendor and then these churches that are not on the mountain, where they should be, but in Babylon.)

The time has come for the fulfillment of the word that I have spoken.

Wait for my instruction.

Work while it is still say.

For night is coming, when no

one can work.

Trust in me.

For I AM the spirit of prophecy


Let my silence be deafening

and move exactly as tell you to.

The sound of my voice in your ear will

be as one who stands next to you.

You will speak fire and devour your enemies,

For they are my enemies.

Every tongue that rises against you will be condemned.

Cry aloud outside the gates

about my judgment and my mercy!

Return to me!

return now!

return now!

Return now!

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob


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