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Government Mandates: What Would Jesus Do?

There are gross injustices happening in our world and nation.

I'm not referring to injustice as "personal inconvenience" for the sake of "public health".

I'm talking about serious injustice. I'm talking about people who are dying or sustaining injury from a virus that the government is withholding a known cure for in order to promote a vaccine with only 12% efficacy. And, I'm referring to the many who have died or have become impaired from this "vaccination" and the pressure that the government is putting behind it. I'm referring to medical coercion.

The fact that so many people are not inquiring about conflated numbers, redactions, and nonsensical reporting makes me feel like I'm living the twilight zone.

As Christians, we are called to uphold truth and resist wickedness as it befalls our country, families and children. And, especially, the church. It's pacifism to say that grace warrants inaction and that we should just go along with it and hope that in a year it will be better. It's heartbreaking. Haven't people read a history book? Is that what Christianity has been relegated to in this modern day? Pacifism?

When I bring up the issue of censorship, it's been met with shoulder shrugs and a naive hope that things will be back to normal soon.

Compliance is exactly the reason why things will not. Why they have not.

Lord, I need your mercy.

For the sake of the younger generation and for the church who will come under oppression at the end of this, I ask you to please hear me out. These are your kids. Your grandchildren. Your church body. The bride of Christ. A thoughtful, informed and ethical stance is warranted.

I have deliberated over Romans 13 and other scriptures obedience to government authorities. We need the government. We are called to obey the authorities that God has appointed over us. And, there are many examples in scripture where there are exceptions. Moses disobeyed Pharaoh. Esther disobeyed Persian Law. Jesus disobeyed the Pharisees and Sadducees. Peter disobeyed the Sanhedrin. Paul disobeyed the emperor of Rome. So there are equal examples of both civil obedience and civil disobedience by godly people in the Bible.

Jesus himself was meek and gentle. But he was also a cultural rebel. Jesus defied the authority of the religious system and its ecclesiastical hierarchy. His noncompliance was a threat to the Roman government. To the Romans, he was a radical whose very life threatened to overturn their social order. People often envision Jesus as someone tiptoeing around in a flowing robe, speaking softly, patting children on the head and carrying a baby lamb in his arms. But the real Jesus of history, meek as he was, was also thunder. He got angry. He was a debunker. The religious establishment condemned him to death for blasphemy, while the secular powers executed him for sedition.

Scripture tells us that the righteous are as bold as a lion. (Prov 28:1) We are called to follow Jesus, who came to set captives free, liberate the oppressed and give sight to the blind. (Isaiah 61:1) This is about enlightening people with the gospel message of salvation by faith in Jesus -- yes. And as he preached this message, he also did this in practical ways. Because he loves us, not just for eternity, but right now.

The problem I see with the full extent of compliance in this circumstance is that it's not consistent with the character of Jesus. These mandates are not harmless. Nor are they lawful. People are losing their jobs, mental health issues are on the rise, and families are torn apart. There are serious risks associated with these covid vaccines-- like the development of pulmonary edema, myocarditis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and other neurologic disorders. I include links below of people who are suffering from these, and are trying to sound the alarm to others.

Notice these figures from Official World Health Statistics. It would appear that the death rate hasn't changed since the covid pandemic was declared. We are being lied to.

The chart below proves almost all the deaths were in long term care, hospitals and prisons. That could have been contained and rectified, instead of the whole world shutting down.

Below is a chart for covid cases in Israel - which has the highest vaccination rate anywhere. The graph shows a rise in cases after the first, second and booster vax.

It is wrong to promote and comply with mandates that are based on lies and that are hurting people?

When Jesus displayed anger, it was because there was the exchange of money in his house. If we are the temples of the Holy Spirit, are we not righteously angry when our health is being sold for money? Or politics? And what about when it enters the church? (1 Cor 6:19)

What angers me about whats going on with this vaccine is that there is already is an effective preventative measure against and treatment for covid. So, none of these mandates -- or even vaccines -- are necessary. The man that developed ivermectin for use in humans won a Nobel prize, but the media tells us it's only horse de-wormer. That's because there's no money to be made in ivermectin. My doctor prescribed ivermectin to me for infection, before. It's been available for forever, until the pandemic started.

If these mandates were harmless, I would say that this isn't a hill to die on. But, the fact is that these mandates are harming people more than the virus. And, the fact that preventative medication and treatment is being withheld means that there's something dark going on with the unnecessary prolonging of this "pandemic." God's providence is true, even in a dictatorship. God uses it all for good (Genesis 50:20). That is really comforting. Nazi Germany and all other evils in the world are also within God's divine providence for the ultimate advancement of his kingdom. This isn't an equal comparison, but if we are using divine providence as reason to cooperate with authorities unquestioningly, I have to raise this. I don't think Romans 13 means we shouldn't stand up against injustice and false information/propaganda. So, where do we draw the line?

From the Vaccine Adverse Event Report System, showing that vaccine-attributed death is skyrocketing with covid vaccine. Data available by download on the VAERS website (you have to jump through a lot of hoops : )

We want to diligently evaluate the scientific evidence when cooperating with these mandates, especially since they have been dialing up and down for a year and a half and have entered God’s house. They are impairing our children's ability to interact and develop in school with unlawful masking. And, because there are so many things that don't add up. Our own "critical thinking" over the last year and a half has led us to question this logic:

- Why are vaccinated people angry with or fearful of the unvaccinated if the vaccinations are effective?

- If the vaccine isn’t effective enough to alleviate concern about this contagion, why would someone get it?

- Why was a vaccine created when we have a cheap, effective and side-effect free cure in ivermectin and hydrocloroquine the former earning a Nobel prize for use in humans?

- Why were these drugs removed globally from their long-standing over-the-counter availability at the onset of the pandemic, when they are most needed?

- Why are people raising these reasonable questions dismissed as "conspiracy theorists" and censored?

- Why is there no antibody testing going on with either vaccinated or unvaccinated people?

We've looked carefully into this, because we don't want to spread covid, even though the majority of people recover without problems. Here is one Christian's response that I tend to lean towards. I'll share it here, because I can't say it any better:

I wonder, as I cooperate with mandates, "Lord, if what I believe you have showed me is true, am I ignoring a responsibility that comes with it?" Is it a violation of my conscience to cooperate with mandates based on "science" that's been disproven? On deception? We know, intuitively and scientifically, that it is unhealthy for our kids who need full face visibility for proper social development. And that it creates disconnection from one another. If the evidence and effects of masking, for example, aren't holding water, then we are not doing anything but spreading fear and falsehood. Here are some sources that debunk what the media is selling us about scientific data. (I continue my post below, but its worth exploring some of these if you are just now venturing to understand why some are choosing to not get vaccinated. If that's you -- thank you for reading. I'm grateful you're here.)

Actual Facts about Covid to alleviate fear and incite just action:

Questions that must be answered:

Data From Israel after Third Vaccine:

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Even the CDC admits they don't have good data in support of masking:

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Restoring Public Trust in a Global Health Crisis and how to take action:[0]=AT0enOu9EAybhPrWMtYIoumyA8tLD840gW0tuyNnuLG_n3QwkxHc7sdrW0bkEsSF1pXQgHEic-Fhaqnd7LGNbMQf4CPm4uiELrxcQC16zAiTkbFt4pxykxmc6FXfVhGCpqM1TyJBxUzVafpFlSxQ

Adverse reaction cries:

List of Physicians and their explanations about how unsafe covid vaccines are, and its lengthening:

Scientist Shows Effects of Vaccine from autopsies:

Former Government HHS Worker explores unreported adverse reactions:

A woman (that we know personally) shares her covid vaccine injury story:

A montage of adverse reactions as a rallying cry out of Alberta:

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Yet Another Pastor in Canada Sent to Prison for Having Church: 6 Year Sentence:

Exemption form and resources showing use of aborted fetal cell tissue in each vaccine:

Pfizer suppresses use of fetal cell tissue and tells employees in memo to keep it under wraps:

Ask Pastor John (Piper) Can I take a vaccine made from aborted babies?

Footage of Pandemic simulation conducted in October of 2019, before pandemic, down to every detail we are seeing now, including the riots:

Two practical things we can do:

Do we want to perpetuate what can only be a manipulation by the government if the statements they use to validate them prove false? I don't buy that the gospel-focused life means we are to passively roll over in the face of tyranny and injustice.

We know that not masking and not being vaccinated garners accusation from many. But, I don't believe that noncompliance compromises the opportunity to advance the gospel - the most important truth. We believe that if we serve the God of truth, then we should care about truth in all things that are hurting or oppressing people. A mandate based on bunk science is out to oppress by removing the benefit of enjoying connection and community. And it would appear, from the adverse reactions of the vaccine, they are hurting and killing some people. Yet, these deaths are counted as caused by covid. What a mad hatter's tea party.

According to world history, "concern for pubic health", psychological stress and propaganda are the most classic ploys of tyranny. I know that we are battling the psychological toll on our family. These mandates directly affect ministry -- and that has a lot to do with the gospel. Last year, churches were mandated to close while bars remained open. And, its hard to witness, fellowship and worship with a mask on your face.

We are supposed to look different as Christians. Radically different from the world. It is that difference that makes people inquire about the hope that we have. And this difference - this love of truth - also promises that many will hate us. I have never believed that this hate would come as a direct rage against our love for Jesus but out of the tertiary effects of our love of Jesus — which is our love of Truth and respect for the sanctity of life. I believe that persecution will come from the eventual pressing of the church to conform to a blind world that will hate us for saying no to deception and injustice.

And, isn't that the spirit of the antichrist? I think about how Daniel wasn't thrown into the furnace because he loved God, but because, in his love for God, he didn't bow the knee to falsehood. Underlying the reason of his persecution was a love of the God of Truth, indeed. And this love of Truth should pluck us out of the flow of the deceived, perishing world on the regular. We can easily think that we know God's will but are actually thinking with our flesh instead of with the mind of Christ. Christians have the Holy Spirit who promises to guide us in all things. We get to ask for discernment. We should be thinking, but we also are commanded to take every single thought captive to the Lord, because we are fallible, even in our reasoning. We can be like Peter, who told Jesus not to submit himself to crucifixion. He had good intentions, but Jesus rebuked him. (Matthew 16:23)

None of us can see the whole picture, but God. The Bible confirms the foolish wisdom of the world and man, consistently. The god of this world is a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Yet so many are trusting it. We should think patiently, but not think so slowly through an issue in the name of wise, critical thinking that we find ourselves the cooked frog before we have a chance to jump out of the pot of what’s ahead by calling these mandates' bluff and by having the courage to break the spell. By standing against falsehood in the name of righteousness. Especially, when The Holy Spirit guides us into truth in all things and reveals what is to come to those who have ears to hear. (John 16:13) I pray always for the church to stand apart. To come out of the world. Then, we will be a light for people in a sea of masks that say, "fear and death". God's light shines to a scared world through our interaction and function, which is hindered when we have masks on. We must not be smothered.

I understand that a lot of people are confused about what the right thing to do is. I know confusion. And, God is not the author of it. (1 Cor 14:33) He invites us to lower ourselves and humbly wait in silence to receive his wisdom, with obedient confession about our lack and with knowing desperation for his help to discern truth from deception.

I believe that God is allowing this so that we give up and submit our all to him -- especially our understanding. Especially our understanding right now. Because the author of confusion is on the rampage, and his target, as always, is God's people. He loves to try and cripple the church. God's word says that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. (Matt 11:12) This doesn't mean physical violence, but warfare in prayer, aggression in good deeds, and in standing boldly for righteousness - against wickedness.

We are commanded to delight in God's law and worship him in both spirit and truth (John 4). We need both. This is his mercy. We are invited to humble ourselves and wait on him in the secret place to ignite us with his spirit and empower us with his strength, love and truth in all things. To empty all fleshly concern and offer all for his glory and kingdom. He is testing if our hearts say that he's worthy -- or not.

We become deceived when we aren't obeying him, here. The secret place is where wisdom is imparted as his grace and his grace alone.

When the disciples entered the upper room with Jesus, he said that he will no longer call them disciples -- but friends. Onlookers thought they were drunk when the Holy Spirit began to move on them, but God calls us to lay down "religion" and completely untether ourselves from our will to pursue him in spirit. (Thessalonians) I think that he is showing us that when we don't do this, we fall for deception. But when we do, we get the mind of Christ.

The more knowledge we have out of our intimate time communing with God, the stronger we will be when the storm comes. We mustn't fear the finger of the accuser. We are called to leave behind this world to seek God with abandon, because a storm of judgment has come upon it. (Is pestilence not biblical? Is it not judgement?) Check it out for yourself:

If this is the case, then a vaccine isn't going to save anyone from what we need saving from. If nations are under the wrath of God who have turned their backs on him, repentance is the only hope. These warnings, I believe, are his mercy. It's still available. But it won't always be. He is giving the world a choice: Receive his love and saving grace, or perish. Theres no middle ground. No compromise.

Intimacy with God through his word and by seeking his face is the armor we need in this war against our minds, spirits, and bodies. (Eph. 6) Knowledge of our identity in Christ and of his love for us is the armory. Personal, intimate knowledge of him ignites our faith so that we use his sword - his word - with confident authority.

I believe that God is humbling us to show us that deception can only be discerned in the spirit, not by our own intelligence nor efforts. Not by research. Not by counting/data. Not by thinking with only our minds. And not by only feeling with our hearts. But both harmoniously - in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24) All wisdom is a gift from God and he chooses to withhold it if he wants to. And he clearly has, from many people.

I'm all for doing logical and practical things and for making sacrifices to love those around me because it's what Jesus did. I never want to be divisive. But God will allow this deception to slither into a point of no return if we don’t heed his warning as he is giving it. As I hear and herald the call that God has put on my heart and lips to come out of the world, I believe that God is jealously calling and testing his people, and is shaking awake a deaf world that doesn't yet hear him.

We must trust what he’s speaking -- his rhema word, confirmed by his written word -- more than our own assessments. We have entered into a house of mirrors in this information age, and can only know up from down by his spirit -- through his word and by his prophetic utterances that he tells us to not despise, but to test in 1 Thessalonians 5.

I hate that anyone has died from covid. And, it seems the Lord is speaking as I'm prayerfully writing this to say that covid or science isn’t what is at the heart of all this. It’s not about masks or viruses or evaluating data (good things), but about our relationship with God and our sensitivity to his Spirit. Charles Spurgeon said that spiritual discernment isn't knowing good from evil, but knowing good from best. The best thing we can do is to pursue the Lord diligently. And that means laying aside our reliance on our own understanding. I'm talking to myself here, too.

If the door we enter into salvation through is narrow, but we find ourselves on the wide path thereafter, we must examine our hearts before the Lord and return to the narrow path or the destruction that will befall the world will be allowed to befall us. In the Old Testament, God and his prophets are constantly calling Israel out of its fornication with an ungodly culture and society. There were always consequences when they didn't listen. We are under grace because of the New Covenant, and these "call outs" are God's mercies to us, if we are obedient to them. God wants to bless us - but he doesn't impose himself unless he is wanted.

We are sheep fallen into the ditch without our Shepherd because we live in a world who serves the god of lies, and does not have our best interest in mind, but rather our destruction. (2 Cor. 4:4) Praise God that his thoughts are higher than our thoughts and his ways are higher than our ways! He says, "Repent at my rebuke and I will make known to you my thoughts" (Prov. 1:23). I pray that we each receive this humbling and loving mercy from God Almighty, who remains steadfastly faithful to us, even when we are not. Let us bow the knee of our hearts and minds and efforts in reverence to his higher wisdom and knowledge, so that we may receive it by grace without impediment. He is generous in his impartations to us when we want them more than our own will and human understanding. We cannot properly love or see truth except from the innermost chambers of God's heart. Let us be tenacious in our pilgrimage. He wants to love on us. He wants to give us eyes to see.

"For, “Who can know the LORD’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?” But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ." 1 Cor 2:16

BUT GOD: Testimonies of hope and victory throughout the pandemic:

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