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Don't Look Down

My daughter, share these words. May they be life to you and the hearers:

I will enable my church body to walk on the water.

Fix your gaze upon Me, by kneading my Word into your mind and heart, now, so that you will have bread to eat when you are hungry, and can share it with those around you. The harvest is plenty. The tares will soon be distinguishable from the wheat. Some of you have a knowing who are tares and who are wheat, from my spirit of discernment, so that you have had an opportunity to grieve. And, so that you are not caught in confusion when those you love go the way of the beast, and follow them into perdition.

You will not not experience the needs of the flesh as you do now, during the time of exploits. You will, at times, go days without sleep and not become tired or dull. You will be able to go extraordinarily long without eating or thinking about food. Your flesh will still groan, but you will be energized by my Spirit, according to my will and times. You will be amazed at one another. Ask me for what you want. No request is too large for those who have forsaken all to follow Me. Ask Me for the supernatural and I will open my kingdom to you. Ask me and I will give you my scepter. When you have forgiven all who have wronged you. You will be like Joseph in famine, showing mercy to his brothers who told him into slavery. In this, they will be fed with the milk of My Qord - the good news of the gospel and forgiveness of sins. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Yes, my Child. This is my heart. A King's splendor is lavish mercy.

However, do not let your feet rush upon presumption that it is always my will to help or save someone - for many wolves, dressed as sheep will lure good Samaritans with the bait of compassion, only to turn and devour them. Obey my leading. I will warn you. Ask me before running into the eye of any storm, if it is my will, so that my protection and power will be with you. You will experience a boldness from my Spirit, direction and peace, when I send you. You will experience a weight of dis-ease when tempted to lead with the flesh, where I have not sent. Many will perish, trying to be heros, instead of waiting on Me. Oh, how pride comes before a fall!

I will make the humble sure-footed as a deer on the heights. You can trust my hand. My yoke is easy and my burden is lighter than the chains and burdens that the world oppresses and blinds people with. Take up My Word and my name and seek me until you are imbued with power from in high to crush your sin and proclaim the gospel, not by word, but by my power.


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