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Crossroads Ahead

Latest message.

Those who warn others not to take the mark of the beast will be accused of a works based, false gospel. Do not let confusion to take root. As the serpent, with his cunning, beguiled Eve, so he has bewitched many in the church, who have not, by constant practice, trained their senses to distinguish between good and evil – the holy from the profane. May their accusations turn upon their own heads. For I have said, let the one who has wisdom calculate the number of the beast. And yet, they have darkened their eyes, and so their understanding, has too, been darkened.

The sorcery of the great merchants of the earth is deceiving the whole world. The appointed time has come for those who have understanding to instruct many.

John MacArthur, repent for your heresy.

Repent for leading my sheep into a ditch.

You are a blind guide. Your form of godliness that denies my power will be made manifest as you collapse under the weight of the burdens that you have heaped upon the box of others.

There will be no repentance from the point of no return. Do not be discouraged, my people. I have heard your cries regarding the abominations that are done in the land. I have seen you dispense with the wisdom of man and your own understanding. I have given you the mind of Christ. For my watchman shall see eye to eye.

Do not be yoked to the leaven of the Pharisees, for those who are yoked with they, who have not entered my rest, can neither enter into it. Be not intimidated by the dogs. Their bark is bigger than their bite. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

Tongue: “Oya” (Hebrew - Woe!)

1 John 2:

Dream of accusation and the leavening of the Pharisees:

The damnable doctrine of John MacArthur:

(Prepare to be labeled as a false prophet, like this obedient messenger, confronting the man made doctrine of demons, called cessationism):

* Dr. MacArthur also teaches that Christians can take the mark of the beast. He does not define what it is, only that it is not a damnable offense. 🐍


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