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But I Give Myself To Prayer

Updated: Jun 5

3:19 am - A curiously bright morning watch with my Good Shepherd. It was a balmy hour of stillness and leaning my heart into the Living Word for healing that can only be found in the Word of Life. The Word of God, Jesus Christ, in whom there is no shadow of turning.

We can pray without ceasing, as the Lord I instructs us to, when we ditch the false notion that prayer is a grocery list. This can come from a false belief that God is our servant and we are the Masters. Not so. Though "the suffering servant came to serve" and not be served, He is on the Throne, reigning in glory as The Sovereign King of Kings.

Prayer is precious communion and fellowship with our Maker. Seeking him. In silence. Or petitioning Him for wisdom that helps us to recognize his will, so that we may commit to do it and endure opposition with perspective and tenacity, no matter the cost.

Yes, prayer is not just about getting things from God, though "he gives generously to all who ask without finding fault." Prayer is about discovering the will of God. So that we may walk in obedience, assurance, security and peace. And, prayer often changes us, before our situation changes.

Before we use the "imprecatory psalms", let us ask the Lord to slay the enemy that lies within our own hearts. The flesh and any lusts that have not yet proven crucified and submitted to Christ, because we still love and practice some agreement with sin (be it from fear, pride, unforgiveness, ignorance or love of pleasure) can often be the more important battle.

Imprecatory: Justice in warfare and accusation from a root of persecution. Here is the Enduring Word commentary for Psalm 109: David prays for vengeance against false witnesses and hateful enemies.

The sword and shield of the imprecatory psalms are a faithful promise in times of painful treachery. As a naturally soft-hearted person, I need the coaching of the Holy Spirit and Lord Sabbaoth to wield them. I can testify of his faithfulness! He is our covenant God. He performs His Word -- on our behalf, for His Glory.

Other imprecatory warfare Psalms:

May you wait on Him, long enough for Him to unify your desires with His perfect will. He is The Way, the Truth and the Light.

Painting: Your Love Never Fails, By Vanessa Horabuena

Psalm 126:5-6

Those who sow in tears

Shall reap in joy.

He who continually goes forth weeping,

Bearing seed for sowing,

Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing,

Bringing his sheaves with him.

Heavenly lights grin golden

winking the mercies

of the sunrise

upon my sheet-stamped cheeks

-- a salty map of rivers and

fresh water brooks

collected by my the tender hand

of my Father

Love that once surged

from my eyes like oceans

tossed with the storm of the sea

flows steady


fixed on the horizon


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